Northampton Judo Club is part of the British Judo Association structure and was established many years ago. Over the years it has developed into an active, family friendly club for adults and kids. Through Northampton Judo Club, many players have excelled their Judo to become National Champions, International Representatives, and European Medalists.

As an Olympic discipline, Judo is a physically hard combat sport for men and women. It can be practiced from an early childhood to old age, and by people with physical and mental disabilities. Training for judo emphasizes self control, discipline, respect for training partners and opponents, physical and mental development and provides opportunities for lifetime involvement in stimulating and rewarding activity.

Northampton Judo Club was originally established as the Northampton YMCA Judo Club in 1982. Since that time it has changed venue on several occasions, and is now based at Carlsberg Sports and Social Club in Northampton Town Centre. We are a member of the British Judo Association - Club Number 597.

The club has a long and successful history in attracting and developing both senior and junior players and has taken several children and young people through from junior beginner to senior black belt. Its coaching team is second to none, and teaching is directly provided every week by one or more of the following coaches:

  • Clive Douglas 6th Dan
  • Brian Atkins 4th Dan
  • Dave Tompkins 4th Dan
  • Walter Merino 2nd Dan
  • Matt Woch 1st Dan
  • Alan Mineards 3rd Dan
  • Eddie Sparham 2nd Dan
  • Darren Pettit 2nd Dan
  • Irene Clipston  2nd Dan

All our coaches are qualified, or in the process of gaining qualification.

The club is regularly attended by key senior players with strong competition records and achievements, including:

  • Clive Douglas 6th Dan – ex-British squad member, world Masters medallist, including 4 silver and 7 bronze medals, European and British Masters champion
  • Walter Merino 2nd Dan – Argentinian national member and Pan-American champion. Northamptonshire junior coach of the year in 2015 (all sports)
  • Brian Atkins 4th Dan – British Masters champion and medallist
  • Alan Mineards 3rd Dan – British Masters medallist
  • Matt Woch 1st Dan - Polish junior international
  • Dave Tompkins 4th Dan – Senior Examiner and national referee
  • Eddie Sparham 2nd Dan – Senior Controller and attends national competitions.
  • Distinguished ex-members include Cristian Suditu, European silver medallist and winner of many UK national competitions in the early 2000’s

On a national level, in 2000 a team from Northampton Judo Club, comprising Clive Douglas, Cristian Suditu and Toby Pateman won the inaugural Bev Price trophy, beating the prestigious Wolverhampton Judo Club in the final

The NJC Junior Section has had many past successes, and produced national level players, including Freya De Chastelain, a member of the British team, and Stuart Goodridge, who won many national junior medals. The current junior section is in the process of active redevelopment, and we are planning to greatly increase our involvement and success in junior competition in the coming years.

Practice times


19:00 to 20:00 Juniors
20:00 to 21:00  Senior

18:45 to 20:00 Juniors
20:00 to 21:30  Seniors