News 25 July 2020

JUNIORS fun and games session in Abington Park now on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

We're starting another fun and games session in the Park on Tuesdays!

Meeting same place in Abington Park, as on Thursdays - opposite 14-16 Abington Park Crescent, NN3 3AD at 6pm

See you there next week!

News 12 July 2020

Session in the park for JUNIORS!

The first session in the park will take place this THURSDAY at 6pm in Abington Park.

Let's meet somewhere opposite 14-16 Abington Park Crescent, NN3 3AD.

Have some comfy, sport clothes on and see you then!

News 07 July 2020

Would your kids be keen in doing a session in the park using their body weight, including exercises and games that allow distancing?
Email us at and let us know your availability - days during the week and times?

We can start with a test-run session next week!
Thanks! Sensei Matt

30 May 2020

Recent Gradings

Over the last few weeks following judokas reaped the benefit of the FREE Grading, while club maintains temporarily closed. 


  • Dan Wells promoted to 5th Kyu
  • Luca Kiely-Croft promoted to 4th Mon
  • Leyton Budd-Holland promoted to 4th Mon 
  • Lexie Budd-Holland promoted to 3rd Mon
Well done everyone!

News 30 Apr 2020

FREE Grading One Grade Up during lockdown

BJA announced - Coaches can grade any player one grade up for FREE.

Let me know, either via facebook message or email on, if you or your child would like to get graded.

I will then record and send you a video of what I would like you to show, in a home environment, and when you're ready we will do the grading over a WhatsApp video call.

Let's get everyone at One Grade Up!
Sensei Matt

News 16 Mar 2020


Club is suspended until further notice. Please keep an eye on our facebook page and here for the updates.


News 11 Mar 2020



Northampton Judo Club has taken contacted the British Judo Association (The national governing body for judo in the UK) for advice on practicing judo during the current outbreak of coronavirus.

They do not feel that any judo specific advice is needed apart from that given to the general public, which in essence is:

· To  wash your hands often with warm soapy water for 20 seconds. If water and soap isn’t available, use hand sanitiser.

· Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze.

· Put used tissues in the bin immediately.  

We ask all players, junior and senior, to make sure that they was their hands thoroughly before coming onto the mat. The club will disinfect the mats more frequently as an extra precaution.

Obviously if you feel ill or think you may have been in contact with coronavirus you must not attend the judo class.

NHS 111 has an online Coronavirus service that can tell you if you need medical help and advise you what to do.
 Use this service if:

· You think you might have Coronavirus

· In the last 14 days you've been to a country or area with a high risk of Coronavirus – see their Coronavirus advice for travellers

· You've been in close contact with someone with Coronavirus

If you are advised to self isolate, please let us know

Otherwise we look forward to seeing you at the club every week. If the advice changes we will let you know immediately.


With best wishes


The coaches and committee at NJC

News 25 Feb 2020

Junior Grading First Week of March

Monday and Thursday next week will take place gradings for Juniors. £15 payable on the day. Valid Judo License required and knowledge for your next grade. See you then!

News - 01 Feb 2020
Visit of Dermot Heslop, 7th Dan, BJA National Development Officer on Thursday 2nd of April

The new National Development Officer for British Judo - Dermot Heslop, will be visiting to coach at the club on Thursday 27th February.  Juniors (6:45pm - 8:00pm) Seniors (8:00pm - 9:30pm).

Everyone is welcome to reap the benefit of this opportunity and train under the eye of Dermot (even if you haven't been on the mat for a while).  Session will be appropriate to any level and phisical abilities, so just come along!

Dermot has recently been promoted to 7th Dan and has a long history in judo competition and coaching. He was a member of the British Judo Team from 1979-84, and has coached in Yorkshire and the North West (at SKK JC) and was National Coach for Northern Ireland Judo, and has been the National Schools Development Officer.

Christmas brake 2019 from 19th of December.

Judo back in 2020 at Carlsberg Sports and Social Club on the 6th of January.

Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year from NJC Coaches!

News 29.10.2019

No Junior Judo class on Thursday 31st of October. See you all back on Monday the 4th.

Please also remember about Junior grading taking place on Thursday the 7th.

Juniors Inter-club Championship July 2019
Well done to everyone! Quality Judo.
                        Results and photos below.                   
1 Ashleigh Clipston
2 Ewan Whitrow

7+ years  
1 Vladislav Vole
2 Marianna Derkiewicz
3 Alex Mihalachi
3 Leyton Budd-Holland
3 Stefan Virtosu
1 Sophie Hutchings
2 Lexie Budd-Holland
3 Matei Ciobanu
1 Ellie Clipston
2 Julisz Derkiewicz
1 Dawicz Dziemieszkiewicz
2 Mihai Cecan
3 Nicolae Timbalisk
3 Jacob Ziemianski

We now offer Women and girls only training sessions on Wednesday run by Irene Clipston. Irene started at age 9 and has been involved in judo ever since. Very successful competition record and now a level II coach. Still passionately interested in the sport


19:00 to 20:30

LttlePort Judo Competition 24th of Feb
Vlad GOLD in Novice and Red belts category.
Matt BRONZE in Novice and Red belts category.
Nic BRONZE in Yellow belt & below category.

Northampton judo club junior player of the month for January was Rosie Irvine.
Seen here being presented with the trophy with coaches Eddie Sparham and Irene Clipston. Well done Rosie

Last Thursday saw senior members Thiya Clifford and Stephen Rudd be promoted to 4th kyu and 6th kyu respectively, this was at the grading they attended at the club last week

Press Release

Masterclass by Neil Adams, ex World Champion and double Olympic Silver Medallist at Northampton Judo Club

Northampton Judo Club was proud to have hosted a masterclass by the most successful judo player Britain has ever produced, Neil Adams, on 8th of December this year. Neil was world judo champion in 1981, a double Olympic silver medallist and 5 times European champion. He was recently promoted to 9th level black belt (9th Dan) by the Kodokan, the Tokyo based world headquarters of judo, the highest grade it has has ever awarded to a British judoka.


Around 30 experienced judo players from as far away as Nottinghamshire and Norfolk attended the session. The three-hour masterclass covered both standing and groundwork judo, bringing insights from Neil's personal and coaching experience at the very highest level.


Although living in Rugby, such a masterclass from Neil in the UK is a rare event, due to his international commitments. His work in judo takes him all over the world, coaching at international levels, working with the International judo Federation and the IOC, helping to develop the changing rules of the sport in international competition. The week after the masterclass, Neil was travelling to China to work with an international panel on these developments. He also regularly provides expert commentary on Judo Championships all over the world.


Following the practical aspects of the masterclass, Neil was able to take questions on the developing rules of the sport which was very helpful to the referees present, and helped to guide the skills of the national level players attending.


As well, as inviting guest coaches on a regular basis, Northampton judo club runs its own high quality sessions on Monday and Thursday at the Carlsberg Sports and Social Club each week. These sessions cater for all participants, from beginners to high level black belts, and are great fun. Beginners are always welcome and are taught individually by high-grade qualified and experienced coaches. Charges are kept deliberately low to encourage new members


For more information see our website, or follow the club on Facebook or Twitter

RIP Thomas Bott. One hell of a guy and one hell of a judo player. He started his judo with us as a novice and fought through to blackbelt 2nd Dan.

His most recent judo success was in the three-man national team competition held in the eastern area winning gold with teammates Dominic Laing and Matt Woch.

Our thoughts are with his wife Laura and young son at this hard time.

Club Vice President Brain Jacks will be holding another master class at the club on June 21st. 
This time the session will be open to junior as well as senior judo players, what this space for more details

Senior team Victorious in Thetford.
A three man team from Northampton judo club, comprising Dominic Laing at heavyweight, Tom Bott at middleweight, and Mateusz Woch at lightweight competed in a high-quality Eastern Region team event held at Thetford on 15th April, and came back with the gold having beaten 3 other teams from across the region, including Norwich judo club. The event was a very high standard and there were some great individual contests. This may lead into our participation in the BJA national league for teams across the country. The players also entered the newaza (groundwork) competition, with Dominic achieving a silver and Matt a bronze medal.

NJC is proud to announce the Britain's first superstar of Judo Brian Jacks 10th Dan black belt has become our vice president and will also function as a coaching coordinator. Here he is with the team at the recent master class.

Littleport Judo Competition

Well done Amy on gaining another gold medal in the Littleport competition

Midland Area Open Tournament

We entered 3 junior players in the tournament and came away with 3 gold medals. Well done to Bella, Amy and Harry. Some very good Judo shown very happy coach.

fun and games at Northampton judo club before breaking up for Christmas..

Judo Legend Brian Jacks Holds a Master Class

Brian Jacks, one of the most celebrated names in the history of British Judo, visited our club  on 13th July 2017 to give a Masterclass and tips on training methods and advice on what worked for him to become one of Britons most successful Judo fighters. Brian won Britain's first ever Olympic medal in Judo and was also famous for his historic wins in the TV series Superstars

New training time to be added for juniors

Starting in the new year we are pleased to announce an additional training session for junior players on Mondays 19:00-20:00. This will be a shared session with Northampton Brazilian  Jiu Jitsu club, as there are great similarities with both disciplines we believe this session will be of great benefit to all juniors

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