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Help your kids develop great values

judo for Kids - learning with fun!

Just like beavers are responsible for making sure our rivers are not overflowing, while training judo we gain values to use in our adult lives.
Like owls, who are well-known by their natural knowledge we train our bodies and minds to help us solve problems on our journey.
Fair Play
Bees won't sting you unless feel attacked.  As Judokas we follow the same path. Daily focused on our own tasks, like bees focused on gathering the nectar. Always prepared, but never using our weapon first. Only responding in an appropriate manner.
Penguins, just after camels, are known to be  the most naturally disciplined animals. When penguins have a good reason, they act on the task with a massive discipline. They often swim an extremely far distance for a long time to join their loved ones.
Elephants make sure everyone is respected and looked after in their close circle. Caring for youngsters and elders. They respect each other and their space. Exactly what you learn through judo training.
While staying in a group and helping each other, dolphins can easily chase away a predator. Dolphins are known for rescuing humans, when we get injured in the water. This is how a Judo community behaves.

How do kids benefit from judo?

Physical Health

Judo is an excellent activity for your young kids because it builds healthy and strong muscles early on, improves their cardio, and lowers their cholesterol. Children who participate in judo have a reduced risk of childhood obesity, heart disease, and osteoporosis, even as they leave childhood and become adults. It also sets the foundation for them to become healthy and active adults who appreciate the importance of physical activity.

Emotional Health

As a martial art, judo focuses on building self-respect, respect towards others, including opponents, and respect towards your teacher. In turn, this nurtures their trust, confidence, and judgment so they can grow as balanced and emotionally healthy young adults.

Limiting Aggression

Judo is about giving your children an outlet for their boundless energy while also discouraging violent behaviour. Students of judo have compared discipline in judo to discipline in the military because it teaches you to respect those around you, pay attention to detail, and learn how to present yourself.

Increased Concentration

Children’s concentration has increased exponentially after they start practicing judo because they get used to following very detailed and specific instructions from their teachers, paired with focusing deeply on their techniques of movements. Studies have shown that children who are hyperactive or who suffer from attention deficit disorders benefit immensely from the disciplined environment of judo.
Kids who have attention problems will take judo classes and the difference in their focus is night and day. They feel like they really want to learn and they’re really engaged, which pushes them to focus more. That can even be seen as therapeutic and helpful as they grow older and need to concentrate at school or work.

start self-development journey with judo!

from as early as 5 years old.
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