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COVID-19 UPDATE - November Lockdown - Classes Suspended

November 4, 2020
News 04th Nov 2020
Judo Classes are being cancelled for the time being after the Government announcment of the next lockdown period from the 5th of November.
As soon classes will be back on we will send the communication out to let you know.
Taking this opportunity, we would like to thank all of you who were joining our outdoor classes during the summer and all the judo classes we have managed to run for you at BST Academy.
Feel free to visit British Judo Association covid-19 HUB for more information. Links below.
Hopefully we will see you back on the mat with us shortly!
Coaches and Comittee of Northampton Judo Club
Brian Atkins, Dave Tompkins, Clive Douglas, Matt Woch, Irene Clipston, Dominic Laing, Andrew
Kirkwood, Thiya Clifford, Adam White

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COVID-19 UPDATE - November Lockdown - Classes Suspended

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