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Results - U8 Festival in Rushden

July 17, 2022

NJC Junior Squad has recently taken part in Red Belt Rumble and U8 Festival in Rushden.

The competition took place last Sunday on 10th of July at Higham & Rushden Judo Club.

Northampton Judo Club had 12 representatives. Our coaching team is extremely happy with the performance and proud of all the judokas’!


Jacob Chapman 1st

Oscar Berry 2nd

Jenson Liddington 3rd

Bailey Liddington 3rd

Ewan Whitrow 1st

Oscar McArdle 3rd

Hugo Randall 3rd

Toma Atanasov 2nd

Vlad Zagorodniuc 3rd

Abigail Dawson 3rd

Ermina Anohin 3rd

Maxim Butnari 1st

Superb performance!

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