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northampton judo club

on british and international mats
since 1982.

Okay, so what does Judo have to offer you?

You'll get an interesting and fun full body workout to add to your busy schedule, allowing you to stay in great shape.

Training martial arts increases focus and your problem solving skills through learning self-defense techniques. That will allow you to feel safe in any situation.

Knowledge of how to defend yourself and ability to defeat a much bigger opponent, using their strength against them, highly increases your self-confidence, not only on the mat, but in every moment of your life.

Above all, you will make new friends in the judo community - people who got your back and are always there to help.
Absolutely! Whether you have some martial arts experience, or you are totally green, judo is a sport for you.

We run classes suitable for all ages and fitness level.

But is judo for you?


What we offer:
  • Learning through having lots of fun!

  • Improvement of their general body movement abilities.

  • Instilling values of friendship, fair-play and respect.

  • Implementing self-defense instincts in everyday life and much more!

kids Judo


What we offer:
  • Learning self-defense and leadership skills.

  • Developing perseverance.

  • Understanding how to improve your life with the philosophy of maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

  • Full body workout on every class.

about judo

What our members say?

Made Lifelong Friends

"I love the social aspect of judo. While being a part of Northampton Judo Club , I've made some lifelong friends!

Better than others

"I looked for a full contact martial art and sport that could be practiced safely with friendly people in an environment where real learning can take place. Thanks to the experienced coaches and other judokas at NJC, I found it!

Wishes to do more

"I enjoy the randori and like the pace of learning new techniques. Really wish I had more opportunity for time to train.
Change your life.
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